PICC Line Insertion- MST Technique

Program outline


Day -1 8:30 AM – 4: PM – Didactic

Brief difference between a midline,  PICC and other central vascular access devices (CVADs)

Overview of legal implications and PICC insertion qualification guidelines

Review of hypertonic solutions , irritants and vesicants medications

Patient selection criteria for PICC aline

Venous anatomy and insertion site selection

Equipment selection for PICC  insertion

Maximal sterilr barrier prevention and CLABSI prevention guidelines

Routine care and maintenance of PICC

Prevention and management of possible complications

PICC removal and documentation guidelines


Day 2 – 8:30 AM – 3: 30 PM  – Ultrasound Insertion Technique

Fundamentals of sonography and scanning

Identify blood vessels and select insertion site

Measuring for SVC tip location

Illustrate PICC insertion technique

Documentation guidelines following insertion

Review methods to verify catheter tip

Demonstrate PICC Insertion

Demonstration and Practice Session: During the practice sessions, attendees use an ultrasound to scan and locate veins each other, and then practice PICC insertion on a Blue Phantom vein and Peter PICC mannequin.