Use, Care, and Maintenance of CVADs Program Outline

Program outline:


Discuss measures to prevent catheter related blood stream infections (CLABSI)
Differences between midline, PICC, non-tunneled, tunneled, and implanted central vascular access device central vascular access devices (CVADs)
Prevention, early detection and management of central vascular access devices (CVADs) related complications
Explanation, illustration, demonstration and practice sessions of central vascular access devices (CVADs)

  • Flushing and locking protocols
  • Site care and dressing change
  • Accessing and de-accessing implanted venous ports
  • Blood specimen collection through CVADs
  • Prevention and management of thrombotic occlusions
  • De-clotting clotted CVADs with Cathflo Activase (tPA)
  • Removing PICC and non-tunneled CVCs
  • Documentation Guidelines

Practice Session

Following demonstration, attendees get an opportunity to practice above procedures related to CVADs