Midline Catheter Insertion: AST Program Outline

Program outline:


  • Defining a  Midline catheter
  • Explanation of patient selection criteria
  • Venous anatomy and midline insertion site selection
  • Equipment selection
  • Identification of veins using an ultrasound
  • Explanation of midline catheter insertion techniques (AST)
  • Use, care, and maintenance of the midline catheter
  • Measures to prevent and manage possible complications
  • Removing midline catheters
  • Documentation guidelines

Attendees will practice midline insertion by AST technique with an ultrasound on an advanced venipuncture aid.


On-Site Consultation and Training

Facilities may request consulting and customized on-site training to establish midline insertion teams. Services include:

  • Review of current practice and recommendations
  • Consultation on equipment selection
  • On-site training
  • One-on-one precepting and skills validation