Where are you located? Do you have IV therapy classes near me?  

We schedule IV training program at our classroom located at 960 Rand Road, Suite 224, Des Plaines, Illinois.  This location is approximately 8 miles north of Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

If you have a classroom and 10 or more attendees, we may schedule our programs at your location. If you have at least 5 attendees, we would schedule any IV classes at Des Plaines, IL.


How can I get IV certified? 

There is no nationally accredited IV certification.  However, most state boards of nursing mandate documented education and training for LPNs, often referred as “Intravenous therapy certification or IV certification for LPNs”. If you are looking for IV certification as required by your board of nursing, or your wish to learn or advance your infusion therapy knowledge and skills, you may register and attend our courses.  Upon successful completion, you will get a certificate of completion to recognize your education training.

Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI Certification):  RNs working in the infusion therapy field, may take the CRNI exam through the Infusion Nurses Society (www.ins1.org) and get CRNI certification. There are eligibility criteria to take certification exams and requirements to maintain it.


Should I take the 2-day IV therapy certificate or 3-day infusion nursing course? 

Nurse practice acts consists the laws for nursing practice and it vary state by state. There are specific NPAs for RNs and LPNs. RNs are required to use and maintain central vascular catheters. Some states such as Illinois allow LPNs to insert and use only peripheral catheters, not central vascular catheters. However, several other states permit LPNs to infuse through central vascular catheters. To be consistent with the regulations, we developed 2-day peripheral IV therapy training and 3-day course with peripheral and central infusion therapy.


What is the difference between Infusion Therapy Certificate for RNs and Home Infusion Nursing Program?

In acute care settings, RNs administer all type of infusion therapies and take care of vascular access devices. Support staff and physicians are available on-site to attend any type of emergencies.

Home infusion nurses work independently, coordinate the patient’s needs, teach a patient (or caregiver) to self-administer a variety of infusions and assess the patient’s response to treatments.  Home infusion nurses independently administer complex infusion therapies such as biologics.

Even though it is the same medication and/or procedures, home health nurses may have to make modifications. Home infusion nursing certificate program focuses on home health nurses.

How can I get PICC line Certification?

There is no nationally accredited PICC line certification.  You may get qualified to insert PICC.  To be qualified, you must attend a PICC insertion course, insert PICC under the supervision of a qualified preceptor and obtain competency validation. Follow your organization’s policies and procedures for insertion, maintenance and removal of PICC.


How can I register for a class? 

Classes are listed on the event calendar. Clicking on date will connect you to details of the program and registration page. Complete the registration form and pay with a credit card.