Do you have any classes close to me?  When is your Next Class? How much it cost? 


Infusion Therapy Institute routinely schedule IV therapy class at 960 Rand Road, Suite 224, Des Plaines, Illinois.  This location is approximately 8 miles north of Chicago O’Hare International Airport.


Private Training Programs

If you have at least 10 attendees, we are willing to come to your location and conduct on-site classes at our location. There may be a slight increase in the fee. Or, if you have 5 attendees, we are willing to schedule your choice of class at our location in Des Plaines, Illinois at your conveniance. If you are interested in an on-site IV therapy training for nurses, IV therapy certificate for Medical assistants, IV therapy training for dental assistants, PICC line insetion certification, midline insertion training or any other program, please send an email to our program director (ivclass1@gmail.com)


I like to be IV certified. How to become PICC certified  How do I get PICC Line certified? 


Difference between Certification and a Certificate Program

A certification refers to a credential that demonstrates the holder’s specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in a specialty. Certifications are attained by passing a national exam conducted by a third-party, non-governmental entity or a national association. There are eligibility criteria to take certification exams and requirement to maintain the certification.


A certificate program typically indicates attendance or completion of a course or series of courses with specific focus. The result demonstrates knowledge of content at the end of a specific period of time. A Certificate is awarded to recognize specific learning outcomes.


Infusion Therapy Institute provides IV infusion therapy certificate Program and PICC line insertion training for nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Learning to insert, use and maintain vascular access devices and IV infusion thrapy  by attending these programs is the first step to be  certified.


Do you provide LPN IV Certification Program? 


Nurse practice acts vary state by state. almost all states allow LPNs with documented education and training to perform certain IV therapy procedures, as delegated by a RN or licensed independent practitioner. Nonetheless, every state requires documented training which is offers referred as “Intravemous therapy (IV)  Certification”. While some states have no specific guidelines, others may have precise course outlines and time frames.


We provide 2-day IV therapy Certificate Program for RNs, LPNs and LVNs. This class is for nurses with little or no experience in IV infusion therapy