Apr 16 2019


8:30 am - 4:00 pm



Use, Care, and Maintenance of CVADs


This hands-on training includes lecture, visual aids, demonstrations, and practice sessions. The class covers everything a clinician should know about how to use and maintain all central vascular access devices (CVADs). Attendees will see and feel all central vascular access devices (CVADs), such as PICC, Hickman, triple lumen and porta-caths.

Who Should Attend this CVAD Program?

This program is recommended for all RNs and for LPNs working in states where the scope of practice allows LPNs to infuse through a central vascular catheter (CVC).
  • All RNs working in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and other healthcare settings
  • LPNs, only if their state nurse practice act allows to infuse and care for central vascular access devices
  • Other clinicians who use and care for central vascular catheters