Jun 06 2019


8:30 am - 3:30 pm



IV Refresher & Skills Workshop


Intravenous Therapy Refresher Program is a for clinicians with already established  fundamental knowledge of IV therapy.  This one-day program reviews infusion therapy standards of practice for vascular access device selection, teaches how to locate veins by palpation, and proper technique to insert a short peripheral IV (PIV) catheter. Upon completion of this hands-on training program, you will gain the competence and confidence to insert PIV catheters in one attempt.

Blood flashback location, catheter advancement, and needle retraction vary between catheter manufacturers. Attendees who wish to enhance skills with the same brand of catheter used at their facility may bring a few catheters to the IV class.

Who should attend the Intravenous Therapy Refresher Program?

  • Nurses in acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities who wish to improve peripheral catheter insertion skills
  • RNs re-entering the workforce
  • Radiology and respiratory technicians required to insert peripheral IV catheters