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IV Certification for LPNs

IV Therapy Training for Nurses

About IV Therapy Certification for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

Nursing scope of practice vary state by state. Certain states have specific guidelines for IV therapy training for LPNs often referred as IV certification for LPNs. Almost all states allow LPNs with education and training to perform certain intravenous therapy procedures as delegated by a registered nurse, physician or licensed independent practitioner.

This 2-day IV certification course for LPNs teaches insertion use and maintenance of short peripheral IV catheters and administration of fluids and medications through a peripheral IV catheter.

Please note: Multiple states allow LPNs with documented education and training to infuse through central vascular catheters (CVCs). *LPNs who works in jurisdictions that allow them to infuse through a central vascular catheter/central line may attend the 20-hour peripheral and central vascular infusion therapy course to learn use, care and management of central vascular access devices.

IV therapy education and training programs are often referred as IV certification program.   LPNs shall follow the employer’s policy and procedures if a state board of nursing does not specify if an LPN can infuse through CVCs. Documented education is core focus.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact ITI Program Director


Who Should Attend IV Certification for LPNs?

  • LPNs grappling to learn intravenous therapy
  • LPNs requiring documented education and training “IV certification for LPNs”
  • New graduates before or after taking the national council licensing (NCLX) examination and preparing to enter the nursing practice
  • Nursing students starting clinical rotation

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