Clinical Services

At Infusion Therapy Institute, we focus primarily on hands-on training.  However, due to repeated requests for our expertise in inserting vascular access devices, we now offer limited clinical services to insert PICC line, midline, and difficult IV catheters in all type of healthcare settings. Services are offered on an as needed with per diem fee basis.


Procedures are done with up to date technology by clinically active vascular access nurses. During the procedure, we follow infusion therapy standards of practice and CDC guidelines. As a part of this service, we collaborate with your administration to ensure your staff is capable and following recommended guidelines in managing the devices.


If you are outside of our service area, we will work with you to establish a team. You select the staff and we will train them. They will get the education, training, and competency validation through ITI.


Click here to read CDC guidelines to prevent catheter related bloodstream infection

If you have questions, please contact our program director to discuss your needs